Monday, June 23, 2008

Great song!!

whatever it takes-lifehouse

I keep listening to this song bcoz it's the only song tat i relate to..
I became addicted listening to it!
great song..perfect lyris..
this song reminds me of what i've done 2 u b4..mayb treat u like shit!!
but last..wat terrible things u did 2 me.. should i blame on myself.. ??!!
haiz..whatever's fact..

juz trying 2 forget bout it!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

happy birthday 2 kiah yih..^^

posted lots of sad things recently..sien..
but i'm going 2 post a happy things 2 a birthday guy now..
hehe..feel surprise tat i wish u happy birthday again through my blog..?
juz finished my dinner n rush 2 post this birthday wishes b4 12am..
k la..19 years old ad..but still young la..hehe.. mature ya..i'm not mean tat u're very childish now..
just dunno wat i wan 2 say la..hehe..traditional ma..
i feel tat u're very happy 2day..rite..?
bcoz of our expected party..rite..?
hehe..quite satisfied..
anyway..hope u'll like it..
memorable party..
our PRIME MINISTER- Ng Joanne..
our sexy FAT model..
n MORE..
damn funny..


happy hours..

both of us look very CHAM..

Prime Minister's clothes..wakaka!!

cutie princess!!!

Sexy fat model..!!

anyway..hope u'll like it..

k la..stop here..

last happy birthday 4 this year..

hehe..may ur dreams come true soon..

happy always!!!