Thursday, December 4, 2008

chong chai seoy!!

guys..sorry 4 long time not updating..
prefer view others' blog than update my own blog..hehe..
anything la..

well.. i blog here 2 wish my lovely cousin happily married..
finally she get married..haha..

2molo is her big day..
damn excited..damn happy..

2molo gotta wake up early..
dress up..make up..then rush back 2 sp fetch my sis and go her house directly..

sure they all are busy 2 do preparation 4 her wedding..
sorry 4 cant help anything coz i hav 2 study..
dun blame me ya..ah xi..

ok la..

wish chong chai seoy n ur husband happy always ya..

"bai tou till old" ya..

and muz be mature ya..
nowadays different ad..
become his wife ad..dun always argue le ya..

and last thing is muz take care urself..
dun so rude ya..

coz i'll be ah yi soon..