Monday, February 23, 2009


sitting at old town cafe..
while having my dinner.. blogging for another new posts..
i'm here having something new tat is "homemade minced chicken rice"..
quite nice meal..everyone can have a try!!
missing someone tat i love..



try 2 edit all ta photos in a heart shape!!keke!!

*tis photo named ♥♥memory of love♥♥..eyer~so miang!!wakakak!!


sharing again something new 2 u all..


new me!!
hahah..izit nice?!'s not my mine! is my sis 1!

after wearing ta con.lens...

"dear,how's it?" me asked.

n he answered" okok!not bad!" (actually he was just concentrate watching tv n din look at me at all)

"wei!wai!weiwai!wei!hello!i wan buy tis colour ok ma?wai!wei!" (i keep kacau him n ask him answer me properly.)

finally he looked at my eyes n said "bee..pls take it off..'bo sui' n dont 'zuo gui zuo kuai'(pronounce in hokkien).


@@his face so stim coz i keep kacau him! kekekek!!

izit not suit me? but i feel quite nice de wor..


dun bother him..i just have a try n not going 2 buy it..

he dun like me make up

he dun like me wear like a bird

he dun like me 'zuo gui zuo guai'

he just like natural me!!hahaha!!

to my dear buddies

no 29th feb in tis year's calendar..
y did i mention this date..'s my big 4 yrs once birthday..kekek!!
though there is no such date in every year..
my dear buddies sure will celebrate with me on 28th feb..
but i'm not going 2 celebrate my "birthday" in tis year..
no reason why..
so.. my dear buddies..
if u all'r planning or thinking how 2 celebrate it then just stop it n thanks you all very much..
if havent plan then okey..hehe..
going back 2 penang on next week coz my books'life is starting soon..
i miss my hostel..i miss my college..
i miss joanne..i miss chia pin..i miss a loon..
i miss all of my classmate n frens..=)
**final semester ad.. muz appreciate it!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


my friendster account FulL ad..
add my new friendster account!!

check check check it out!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

♥"happy valentine day!

ta first valentine 4 us..
i had a special n sweet night on valentine..
a surprise with
a set of very delicious homemade pepper chicken chops
n handmade sweet valentines cards..
although those are not very expensive n luxury compare with previously..
but it's really enough 4 me..
i love everything tat u do 4 me with full of ur heart!!
n i wanna praise tat my dear's cook skill is really good enough^^
WELL DONE dear..
1st time cook..damn good!! hehe
i'm so glad n proud tat i'm ta 1st girl tat u cook for..
i love you so so much^^muackzzz
**happy seven mths** ♥♥