Monday, February 23, 2009

to my dear buddies

no 29th feb in tis year's calendar..
y did i mention this date..'s my big 4 yrs once birthday..kekek!!
though there is no such date in every year..
my dear buddies sure will celebrate with me on 28th feb..
but i'm not going 2 celebrate my "birthday" in tis year..
no reason why..
so.. my dear buddies..
if u all'r planning or thinking how 2 celebrate it then just stop it n thanks you all very much..
if havent plan then okey..hehe..
going back 2 penang on next week coz my books'life is starting soon..
i miss my hostel..i miss my college..
i miss joanne..i miss chia pin..i miss a loon..
i miss all of my classmate n frens..=)
**final semester ad.. muz appreciate it!!

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