Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Holidays!

It's been long time i didn't update ma bloggy!
Apologies. I ain't an efficient blogger!Ha!
I'm having my one month break,
and it gonna finish very soon, means book life gonna start again! *Big sigh*
Feel like kinda lazy continue to study! *scream* HELP!!
Okay, Just stop thinking about it!

I'm gonna blog about ma holidays!
How was ma holidays?
Quite boring actually! I was spending the holidays with the lappy mostly,no fun!
Wanna meet up with the old friends, but ended up with only few of them.=(
But it was really nice to gather with old friends. =)


Back to 19 sept, was having a gathering with the ex classmate,KY.
Headed to Penang without any plans.
And ended up with Qb-sushi time, Beach-photo shooting time and Gurney-movie time.
Spent my pretty good time with them!

the ex classmate,KY
TY was going too.
And the photographer,Hsien as well.
LOLs!We're not posing actually!


Headed to the beach
after the lunch.

Credits to Mr.Geh for this, Nice!
Fuyoh! Posting!!
I love Penang, I love beach!


Had another outing to Alor Setar with the BF and the housemates last week back.
Purposely planned to Rung Reung,the best thai restaurant.
We spent our time at KJ's house for Mahjong session! LOLs!

After that, 'Crystal hill'!! (nothing special, Sienz die me!!)
I think it should change to name ' mosquito hill'
because the mosquito over there
are much more than the crystal! (Zzz!bite die me!!)

KJ,TY and Me, the disturbia! =P
Myself and Zuon!

DINNER TIME, Rung Rueng!

Tadahhh, here comes with the delicious dishes!

Keng Sum
Addicted to the soup! SPICY!
Lemon Sotong!

Thumbs up for this!
BF loves this, me as well!

Seafood otak-otak!
Worth to have a try for this restaurant!

All the photos grabbed from the photographer,
Thanks for uploading to FB. =D


Besides gathering with the friends, I was attending a wedding party with the buddies which invited by Shenice.
Her sister-in-law's wedding party!
Was enjoy the dinner but didn't take much pictures throughout.

All ma secondary schoolmates
Again, Congratulation to them. Stay happiness! =)


I'm kinda lazy to continue with the next post.
Sleeping time now! Stay tune for more!
Good nightzz~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Disney dark princesses

I don't even think I have words to describe what
I think and how pretty cool these are.
Applaud to your creative mind,Jeffrey Thomas!
There are so incredible!!
I'm lovin' it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm on holidays!

"What to do? Where to go?" *dislike 'w' question*
What a BORING holidays!! *boring=killing*

Plan to meet up with ma
keep in touch but long-time-no-see' friends

Miss you people very muchi!!
Hangout in this sem.break,or else cannot meet you guys ad.
Next sem,might be VERY BUSY!

Don't complaint that i didn't find you guys again! LOLs!

Arghhh!! Any other plans for ma holidays??
I wanna have fun =(
Shopping? Cinema? Cheong K? Night club?
Very good! good ideas but no company! =@

Friday, September 11, 2009

draw the line

It's hurting so deep inside.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy birthday my dear

Happy Birthday to My Dear !!
Waiting for you to come..