Thursday, September 18, 2008


holidays now!!

juz finished my exam..
starting my happy holiday le!!

super relax now..
but pity my pig dear..
hav 2 sit 4 his last paper on 19th sept..
so i'll be going back 2 sp 2molo...

sad or happy?

sad coz i cant stay n be with him every moment..T.T

happy coz i go out everyday with my friends n family..

haiz.??!! hahahh??!!

well..actually i damn dissatisfied in this sem..
lots of mistaken in exam..
MIS is ta subject tat i most worry..
dunno how 2 do at all..
mayb going 2 resit 4 tis paper next sem..
sure i'll faint when result's out..
for sure my CGPA will drop 99 de la..


everyone confident 99..
seems everyone can pass all ta subjects..
left me..the worse..


dun think about it le..

planning how 2 spend my happy holidays..

i wan sleep 99 coz lack of sleep b4..
i wan hang out 99 with my dear n my ji mui..
i wan shop 99..
i wan go travel..

anything la..still planning..
k la..going 2 clean up my things le..
tata lo..
dear..dun worry..
i'll always miss u de..
Tarcian..Happy holidays ya!!

1 comment:

Amyson said...

amei,happy ya...
suffer for few days...
finally got holidays 2weeks...
so u plan go where travel???
now can fly le lo...muahaha
me next week pity nia...
quiz,assignment,presentation all together...
bt at here is very relax...enjoy here...
don worry about d result 1st...
now is time for play n travel...
go travel wif ur dear...
v duno whn jz can meet...
damn miss miss u nia...
take care ya dear...
stay sweet sweet...hehe...