Wednesday, July 15, 2009

♥ Just for you

Happy one year anniversary!

We've been together for 1 year!!

Still can rmb that what happened one year ago?
Rmb how we got to know each other?

Remember the days?

My 1st surprise birthday for you
the big birthday card
the heart shape birthday cake
rmb that you teared of this surprise?

Random photo shooting by Hsien

My cousin's wedding
Among all the boyfriends,You're the first who attend my relative's wedding party
Rmb that you said we just look like husband and wife on that day?
Ha ha, so sweet!

Our first trip was to Bukit Merah

Random outings with my buddies
Night out with friends

Our first Christmas celebration
We had dinner at Tao...
And I rmb that the surprise after the dinner!
I was shocked when i saw a Christmas tree inside my room
and you asked me to find out the ring which's hiding inside the Christmas tree...
And i still rmb that every words you wrote inside the card..*touch*

New year's eve celebration
We had Xuen Shen's buffet as dinner...
And count-down at Sunset beach..

My birthday celebration
Still rmb that we took very long time to reach the restaurant?
But it's worth!!
The scene's amazing!!

And the Genting's trip with your family together
Still rmb that the pirate ship at the theme park?
I was angry you because
I cried out loud but you laughed out loud when we were playing it!
And my first time Casino......

And the farewell party

Hsien's 21th birthday party

Then we drove down to KL

My buddy's wedding party

And my Diploma convocation
Thanks for applying for half-day-off to attend my convocation
And the bouquet of flowers and the monkey, i love =)
I named the monkey, Mon Zi.
You know why i named so, right? LOL!

And we love to camwhole like nobody business! Haha!

Penang 's life
G block
And this room
We got a lot of memories there
I miss it so much and i know you miss it as well
We chit chat before sleep
We hug each others while sleeping, watching drama and even studying
Sometimes we drunk in the room, Huh crazy!
Also, We even gone mad and fight in the room Haha!

We used to take breakfast,lunch or brunch, dinner and supper together
Washed and sun dried the clothes together..
Went for at least one movie per week
Beach and .......
So memorable!

And of course these are just a part of the memories
Valentine day, your homemade chicken chop and hand made card
National day, we walked through Gurney drive and met with someone that you hate!LOLs
Chinese new year, the first time stepped into your house
and bla bla bla......

We still have many to go together in the future...right?

and i know that we argue frequently in this few days
but because of that, it helps our relationship getting better and better,
not only that, we also realize that how important of us mean to each other,
we learn about appreciate!

My baby dear,
thanks for loving me
I know you changed lots because of me
you're always the one who only apologize no matter who's right or wrong
thanks for being understand when i was being stubborn
thanks for giving me every surprises that
just want to make me feel sweet and happy, you DID it!

I love the way you kiss me,hug me and whisper the three words in my ear...
i don't demand anything from you because you're already enough for me
and i gotta shout out loud that
"I'm so proud of being yours, You light up my life
and i love you no matter what!"

Happy one year annivesary!!
i love you dear! muacksz!

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