Monday, August 17, 2009


Went back to KL .Sigh
I miss my home, I miss you again =(


I swore that i want to study and revision after back to KL.
Guess what! The final exam's around the corner!!
*Time passed damn fast lah weiiii*
Apologize that i cannot blog so often,
But i think 98.99% will sign in fb everyday, LOLs *addicted*

Refreshing... Restoring...
"I love study,I love taxation!"
*i force myself to love the books again, swt!*


Due to i away from my room for few days,
and i saw something very funny when I was going to bed on last night


My bears covered up with my blanket
LOLs! I don't know which of my room-mate so good to take care of
my MonZi and my Roti.
Covered them with my blanket, LMAO! so cute!

gotta stop here,damn the thunder!!

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