Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Still alive! p.e.a.c.e :D
(ignore my kun beh che face -.-)

A very good morning to my readers!
oh no, should apologize first..
I'm very sorry leh! sorry for not updating..
i admit that I'm so so lazy.. LOL
try to update often okay.. :P

current location: hometown
status: home sweet home :)

HAHAHA! holidays now!
very relax very enjoy the holidays
sleep more than 8 hours everyday *good*
no more maggie meeee~ *very good*
girls talk,gambling,cheong k,shopping...*so damn good*
(you tau tak! the exam period was like omfg! KILLING)

enjoy-ing my holidays to the MAX!!
a lot of plans to go!
good things :D

2days left i'll going to Haadyai with the buddies
that's why i woke up so early in the morning
pigi buat border pass ma..hehe..
can't wait to go to massageeee!

another 2weeks left then i'll going to Redang with my love one!
honey moon trip LOL
looking forward to it ^^

(will upload pitchas either here or facebook *promise*)

is time to sleep again. bye :)

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