Monday, June 1, 2009

family day

Day outing with my family to Bukit Kayu Hitam, Thailand
I'm so lazy in typing..anyway just a rapid update!!
let the photos do the talking


the idiot bro and meThe papa driver
Banyak JAM! holidays ..i think
we reached there around this timeafter that, my papa driver brought us to makan makan, jalan jalan
and body massage..


I've found something very creepy

Can't see what's that right?
is okay.. let me zoom in


fried glasshopper !fried cacing or cicak i don't know! whatever
i was wondering that why they wan to eat this? Why why tell me why
Banyak geli you tau tak!! ==

he was feeding bamboo to the baby elephant
so cute =P (i mean the elephant)

we went back after having our dinner
JAM JAM again...
reached at home around 11pm something..
that's all for the day
damn exhausted but had spent a pretty good time with the family.. WORTH it!!

okay..stop here.. so damn sleepy now
is time to go to bed..
good night

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