Thursday, June 11, 2009


sorry for neglecting my blog
have been busy for few weeks
now just got my free time to update here
recently busy to study, study and study! Not kidding!!
everyone in the house is studying very very hard
of course including myself
they motivated me to study
yea..I'm trying to change my lifestyle
or else "makan sendiri"

I'm actually quite stress on my studies
very big different compare with Diploma
Especially the classmates
more than half of them are scholarship holders
I don't know, just feel like I'm the worst in the class
I don't know, just lack of confidence...

okay don't talk about studies topic *bored*
i need to relax now
no any classes tomorrow
and weekend
Tomorrow will going to Genting with my housemates

hmm..time to stop
gotta take my shower again
good night sleep tight!


the buddy,anfey's wedding party's photos already uploaded in my facebook
free just go and tag yourself
sorry for being lazy to post about the wedding party here
it's seriously takes time to upload photos
so sorry

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