Saturday, April 18, 2009


we've been together in a class for almost three years.
some of m10 including me will continue our studies at KL..
but some of them maybe not..
and the group will be going to separate..sigh.
and now is the time to say goodbye to m10..

let's the photos talk our memories in this few years
here we go..M10's life..


3 years ago..the first year in college..

last year's photo..was my birthday party..
all of them came from their hometown and celebrated with me..
Langkawi's trip..
if not wrong..i think this was last year May..
very memorable..

we celebrated almost everyone's birthday..
and this was khai jing last year birthday..

we just like a big family!
BBQ gathering in the pass few weeks..

my current

and kiah yih
Well..three of you will be continued your own studies at Penang..
we're leaving you guys soon..
after that, we cant study..cant talk..cant laugh..cant gossip together..sighhh..:*(
You guys really bring a lot of laughter for me.. thanks..
remember come find us ya..
heart you guys lotsss..

and chia pin, the best guy in the world..
hehe..stay different hos
tel already..
no one will knock my door wake me up..
no one will force me to go class and study..
no one will be the teacher to teach me and bla bla bla..
you'r really my hero..w
keep in touch!! heart you tooo!! future housemate!!

from the left..khai ying..nothing much to say to you because you're my future housemate too.
still have many times to go together..=D
and joanne, my best buddy.. though you're not my future housemate.
.anyway we still can meet up there right? hehe!
love ya!
ahfat, chui shuan, yt, sze sze, mei chi,
shih wei, shun yi, chai keng, wei mei,
mee kee,sweet ying, pek goar,
bee gaik and sheau chuin..

i will remembe
r everyone of you..
take care and keep in touch ya!

from the right, gaik khim and sunny..
take care too ya..
tadaahhhh previous classmate..
hahah!!come on..dun scare.. i wont miss out you one!!
miss you so so up there ya..=)

friendship will never ends..
ya done..i think i didn't miss out everyone of M10 right?
excluding tai lou

okey..stop here..if not my eyes will rain cats and dogs like ah fat!!hahah!!
love you all..
take care everyone..
meet again on Jun.. our convocation..


Chee Hsien said...

walao.. can dont use that photo or not?!

a'mei said...

wht cute..chicken little..hahaa!!

Amyson said...

thanks for not forgetting me...
we meet at here...when wanna come here please remember to let me know...
miss you much too...