Friday, April 10, 2009


went to m1o farewell party on last friday..
let's see the photos...

BBQ gathering

makan makan!!

Mei and Joanne

the sexy assssssssss,the classmates,
the boys,
and the girlsreally enjoy enough!!!

well..the following is just for all of my classmates..

i wanna
thanks for the party's organizer and also the sponsor, Hsien,
he said that he don't mind paying a little bit more just to see everyone of us happy.. Wuhoooooo!! TOUCH deeply la Hsien!! wakakak!!


thanks for my housemate and also my classmate, ChiaPin.. i don't know how to describe him.. the best person that never ever seen in my life.. helped me a lot no matter studies or personal stuffs... dare to say, best than my boy!! wakaka!!
fortunately, he's available now..hahha!!
any girls who interested ????


lastly, thanks for all of my classmates!! you all are so good to me!!

love you all so much!! XD

this was the last time for us to gather
because we will be graduated very very soon.. T__T
how could you wish to leave them when they're so nice to you? right?

but i guess everything have to move on right? even thought we gotta leave each others, i'll always remember everyone in my heart..

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