Monday, May 4, 2009

pek cek!!

Good morning peoples!!'s 3pm something right now!!

and don't be doubtful of my greeting..I'm just awake..

well..peoples who have to force themselves wake up early in the morning
may hope that time can pause a moment to continue their sweet dreams..
but even i wake up early in the morning
I'll also trying my best to force mysel
f continue my sleep..
is killing me so badly!!

I'm wondering why people having their great and wonderful holidays..
and my holidays..gosh!!
wake up then having my breakfast plus lunch so called brunch..
after eat then sit and dream in front of the la
ptop for the whole day and night..
keep repeating everyday
so that's why.. I'm not so lazy as you all think okay!

i have nobody right now!!

where's the boyfriend?
where's the family?
where's the buddies?

Just ignore!! perhaps they're busy..

just left the only one
heart's only belong to me and the important is 24hours available for me






MY LAPTOP *swt* =.='''


PEK CEK-ing!!!

can't sign in msn with window live messenger!! shit broadband!!

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