Wednesday, May 6, 2009

badly sick

Bulleted ListI'm SICK.. =(
sore throat, cough, fever, flu..sekalijus came together..omfg..
serious sore throat is the most suffering part..darn sore!!
suffering from swallow..SHIT**

lazy to step out my room door
i need food delivery..
how is "Ah Nan" porridge..emm..not bad..
WO00..hungry man!!
no food how to take medicine??

boyfriend's sick and bebe too, she has been sick for days..
they looked more weak than me..pity..
Oh ya..we're pity family..
love you, you love me, we are pity family~~

wakaka!! the pity family!

Wuhahaha~~ Just ignore me..going insane..haha!!

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