Saturday, May 23, 2009


Went to Kl with my candy
Purposely carried all my stuffs there due to
the school's life is going to start very very soon..
Spent around four hours and reached KL
Thanks for the GPS from Ms Mcd,Bebe..
Guiding us reached the destination, Waoooo Darn smart and useful!!

After cleaned up everything,
we headed to Pavilion for lunch and shopping...

and we took this

the first time took photo stickers with him..
he said that he's not in good condition to take due to his longer hair..==..It's okay
--Don't forget that you had promised me will take again next time ya--

Then, we rushed back to home around 7pm something and
reached at 11pm something..exhausted but happy!! =D


Just left one day to enjoy here..
leaving soon..sigh!!
-moody mode-

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