Wednesday, October 7, 2009


SWT! I shouldn't back to KL so early! *regret*

  1. No tutorials in the 1st week.
  2. Was attend the Monday's class but we were talking for the 2 hours class, so attend=absence.Attended the next day class too but ended up with back earlier! And skipped for today's class! How can we concentrate to the lecturer without seat, textbook/notes and the mood!
  3. I'm going back to my hometown TONIGHT! =='''
Was heading to MRR2 for photo shooting on Tuesday.
TUDIO!! 4PM!!!The weather's Freaking HOT!
(Hot till my mom also can't recognize me!!) =='''
Luckily they all brought along umbrella, Ha!
I can stand under their umbrella,ella ella eh eh eh

Back to childhood! XDBe confident la, KJ.
The last three photos look great! ;)

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