Saturday, October 17, 2009


Result's released!
DIU! I failed my taxation @!#$%^&*
Have been studying for three years and this's the
first time i failed for my exam!
I still can't accept the fact!
Guess what?! I CRIED for that! I cried in front of my mom, too! T_T *Sobsobbb*
FARK my lazy-bones FARK my stupid brain FARK the taxation
FARK the C-
How sad how geram! I hate C-!!
WTF!!!! I have to study TWICE for this subject!
WARNING!! Don't mention about result anymore, I'll going insane!Not kidding!


Last few days, my housemate planned to go a restaurant,FULLHOUSE which located in Kelana Jaya! A very special restaurant that i never seen.
It is a lifestyle store and cafe, where you can dine and shops at the same time.
Its design and theme is simple yet classy. I simply love the environment there.

We walked around while waiting for the food.
There were lot of good stuffs with affordable price.
The cameramen
Peppermint plus chocolate (kinda weird)

Black pepper chicken chop*YUMMY*
The pasta is not as yummy as 'autumn' one.
a little bit disappointed
A must to capture with the mini cooper.
The couple,Joanne and Joseph
The new love bird,KJ & his gf ,盈芬
(Lols, we both got same chinese name)
The couples are so damn sweet.
I'm so lonely larrr ~I miss you so much, so so much~ =(

Another outing to Putrajaya for photo shooting.
There is such a beautiful place,a must visit place in KL.
It totally doesn’t feel like Malaysia when you’re there =D

Nice scene from the bridge!

Hand holds hand =D
Gossip girls XD
1 2 3!Jump to catch the stars! LOLs!
(My pose kinda weird, feel like giving a stretch =='')
Take 2
Last take! Damn exhausted but happy,Ha!
Acting someone actually! Lols!
The group pic before we left =)
Loves the background muchi~
It's such a good idea to spend the time for
photo shooting without spending any money,
rather than pay for the other entertainments! ^^

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