Friday, October 30, 2009


While i was thinking what should i post,
My hp was "eou eou eou" (is actually my doremon message alerts) LOL!
I received the bf's text! (I'm so sweet~ now)
''Dear..I got what you've said, and I do!''
" I miss euu! ILY"


Back to Tuesday, i spent all my day for photo shooting with my girls!
Exhausted but i did enjoy it!

after make up (I'm so BLUE~ XD)

And the outcomes are still in progress. so just stay tune for it.
Credits to the make up artist, nicole and her sister. ( you guys are PRO) and
of course photographer as well.
I'm sorry that I have no experience in posing
and OMGosh, my pose just looks kinda weird!
(SHY) Lack of confident!!
robot and woods are the best to describe me =(

Anyway,I'm looking forward for another photo shooting, after finish all my test and assignment maybe! So put more effort on my studies first!
And i hope that my performance will be getting better on the next photo shooting =P

*YAY* Going for a movie now. MJ-This is it!

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