Monday, March 2, 2009

♥ thanks dear

ta next day was also my 'birthday'
ta day 4 you celebrate with me..hehe
well..actually i ad noe wat he wan 2 do..
he wan giv me a surprise but..........hahahah!!
i noe..boys are 'stupig' especially my boy!!

he brought to a place 2 eat..
where 2 eat??!!
a nice leisure park n restaurant in penang..
nice scene..nice thai food..
but really far away from my hostel..
n so difficult to find it..
my dear keep calling n asking how 2 go..
drive n find like crazy..
ta journey drive from tanjung bunga go 2 there almost
2 hours..Wooolau~

we drive through village till city!!!

my new sunglasses from my jimui *nice*he's asking 4 help like crazy!!
finally we reached!!

whole penang's viewit's really nice!!

me & u in a

after ta dinner..we walked around there n took some photos..
quite big coz i think whole bukit owned by ta restaurant..
there's really so nice..
somemore ta food also not very expensive..
thanks dear..muackz

1 comment:

Amyson said...

Bukit Genting...
i just went it at 27th Feb...
there has a nice view but not for food...hehe...
anyway happy belated birthday to you...
i'm not forget your birth but your actual birth is on 29 Feb...
unfortunately this year we dont have...
but the way i know you celebrate your birth well...
miss you and take care...