Monday, March 9, 2009

Genting's trip

went to Genting Highland on last Saturday!!
this was the first time having a trip with my boy n also his family..
My ass was numbed by sitting in the car around 4 hours of journey!!!
chatting about random stuffs and cracking jokes on the way..
very enjoy and had lots of fun with them..

3 days 2 nite trip..
went for the outdoor theme park playing,
o safari,
my first time walked in casino,
and more......
its re
ally fun!!! ^^

let the photos do the talking


little warm up on the train first..

he tried for the dolls..
unfortunately no luck!!

pirate ship's killing us! it's not scary but fu*king faint!!
we straight away back 2 hotel Zzz after this*shit*

we this place so much!!
we sat there for the rest of the night!
the weather's freezing cold...
he hug me to keep me warm...


both "sohai"


we both just slept for 3 hours then met up with Christine..
she woke me up at 5 in the morning when she reached at Genting!!
we just met for a moment because i need to go back..
we went for our breakfast..
then walked here n there...

this siao po was evicted from casino for under-age!!wakakaka!!
the couples

the buddies

the chocolate from christine! thanks..muackzz!

**very memorable**


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