Monday, March 2, 2009

love matters

went for a movie on the another day..


damn super extremely bloody funny!!!



while watching ta boy's hp was vibrating in my handbag..

one of my housemate sms him..

i dunno why i clicked in the msg n read..

"i helped you 2 buy cake ad.when you'll be coming back'' n bla bla bla...

hahahaha..i noe..he's trying 2 give me surprise again!!

i showed ta msg 2 him n he shocked!!

keep scolding me why i wan 2 c his msg..blablabla.....

he's so angry but i'm so happy!!

he very angry himself why always mistakes!!

hahah!! my boy damn cute!!


anyway..thanks dear..

thanks you 4 giving everything 2 me..

i you!!

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