Monday, March 2, 2009

♥ thanks jimui

first of all..
i'm so so happy tat
one of my birthday'wishes come true!!
i passed all ta subject in my exam!! YEAHHH!!
thanks god!!
kk..back 2 my birthday's topic..
thanks 4 u all ta birthday celabration..
thanks 4 ta present..
n also ta special cake..
thanks you!!
i love you all!!
nothing much 2 say coz expected..wakakaka!!!

a special cake from my jimui!!haha!!
i dunno y they gav me tis cake?@@
i hope so but obviously i'm not..T.T


♥ my dear JIMUI..

eleen n me

we friend back ad..wakaka!!

**ya..sorry 4 uploading so few..
my line here damn slow.

-to be continued-

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