Wednesday, March 4, 2009


yeahh!! ^^V
i'm temporary graduate right now!!
means that i can graduate but now still have to study for final 2 subjects
which are full coursework,no final exam!! hehe!!
just waiting 4 my convocation in this coming May..
hulala~~everything was going very smoothly..FINALLY!!!

but i'm just almost complete my diploma,
i still have to continue my advance diploma..
ya..this's the big problem that seriously make me very headache..
now is the time to decide where should i go?
i'm considering where to continue.. what types of course should i choose to study..

First problem,
As a accounting student, i'm not really understand wat's that at all..
you may know even more about it than i do..
i heard from my friends said that AFA is one of the courses which is only apply for 400 students and
it's better than AAC..
but for sure it's more suffer and hard to study..
must put all your effort on entertainment anymore..
i dun wan to be a bookworm..
how could i live without entertainment!!!
so how?
but i think both also will get choose the better one for my future,right?
no pain no gain ma..

The Next problem,
where should i go?
well, ACA now is available in Penang and KL,izit a good news to me?
HAIZ! it's NOT!!
coz it's confusing me n also my dear!!
it brings hope 2 him!!
he hopes that i dun move to KL and continue stay with him in Penang..
he said he scares that many problems will appear after i go to KL..
Do you agree that distance is not the problem for a couple?
ya! i strongly agree! it's definitely not a problem no matter how far they are if they are love each others right?
i need some times around 2 years!
i'm not forcing..
if you
me..wait me please!!
i'm just going to KL, not oversea, no need waste money to fly to find me..hahah!!

okey, my decision here is
i apply for AFA first..
if i'm one of the 400 students then i'll go!!
if not i'll stay!!
let the god makes the final decision..


**pending to genting and taiwan!!**
4 more days to go to genting!
9 more days to go to taiwan!

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